Chronik eines Quartiers im Umbruch

Namibia – Two Women, One Land, One History

[original title:  Namibia: zwei Frauen, ein Land, eine Geschichte]

Switzerland 1989, video, colour, 44 min.

Namibia: zwei Frauen, ein Land, eine Geschichte 

The film circles around Namibias indepenence day, the first of april 1989. Marianne Pletscher and her team spent a few weeks with two women: the Swiss Christine von Garnier who married a „German Southwesterner“ and lived 20 years on a farm (Germany originally colonised Namibia) and the Namibian Rosas Namesis, who spent all her life in the black Ghetto of Windhoek, the capital. The two so different women met while doing social work in the church and became friends.

When the film was made is gave a broad background to the news, today it still offers a large and colorful image oft he history of Namibia

DirectorMarianne Pletscher
ScriptMarianne Pletscher
WithChristine von Garnier, Rosa Namesis
PhotographyRoger Harris
SoundAdam Ruston
EditingMarianne Jäggi Naef
CollaboratorsSprecher/innen; Dinah Hinz, Verena Hoehne, Edzard Wüstendörfer
Duration44 min.
ProductionZeitspiegel SF DRS, Christian J. Huber
World RightsInfo: Marianne Pletscher
Distribution Switzerland
and international
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Tel. +41 044 271 88 83 / +41 79 654 59 14
E-mail: info@mariannepletscher.chsend a
TV broadcasts10. und 14. Mai 1989 auf SF DRR