Switzerland-Kosov@ Round Trip

of soldiers, returning refugees and Swiss cows

Switzerland 2000, Beta SP, colour, min.


They all travelled to Kosov@ in 1999: Swiss soldiers on a peace mission, returning war-refugees and Swiss cows. For the first group the trip was an adventure, a possibility to learn something new. They looked at it quite differently, for some it was just a job, for others an opportunity to help: the Swisscoy soldiers oft he international troups. For he second group the return trip to their devastated home country was a journey into an insecure future. They did not know if their houses could be rebuit before the first snowfall, they still had missing relatives they hoped to find somewhere else than in mass graves: the returning refugees. The third group was not asked if they wanted to travel, but they were received with greath enthousiasm: the Swiss cows.

Marianne Pletscher travelled with all three groups and confronted their experiences.

This allows a differenciated image of a Region which will not come to rest long after the war is finished. Thats why it is still valid and interesting more than ten years later.

DirectorMarianne Pletscher
ScriptMarianne Pletscher
PhotographyWerner Schneider
SoundWerner Schneider, Marianne Pletscher
EditingMarianne Jäggi Naef
FormatBeta SP
Sales DVD/Video For educational or commercial use
Telepool GmbH Filmvertrieb
Fernsehstrasse 1-4, CH-8052
+41 44 305 69 69 – Fax: +41 44 305 69 70
Marianne Pletscher
ProductionSchweizer Fernsehen SRF
World RightsBis das Schweizer Fernsehen auch diesen Film streamt, kann er bei Marianne Pletscher eingesehen werden.
FestivalsFilmfestival Prizren, Kosov@, 2015
EntriesKino 1, Pristina, (2001)
TV broadcasts1999, 2001, 2010 Schweizer Fernsehen, 2008 Kosov@

Press Review

Die Akten zu diesem Film und somit alle Kritiken befinden sich z usammen mit allen Akten ders Film "Unerwünscht und Unbeliebt" im Unternehmensarchiv  des Schweizer Fernsehens. Sie können dort für wissenschaftliche oder recherchenzwecke eingesehen werden.