Antonia – dying with dignity

the last year in the life of a corageous woman

[original title:  Antonia lässt los]

Switzerland 2005, video, colour, 57 min.


Antonia suffers from a mortal muscle disease (ALS). She has to let go every day, week, month, year - her capacities to move, dance – all she loved in life. Antonia, once a lively, beautiful woman, wants to tell the world what it means to let go. She asked filmmaker Marianne Pletscher, whose film “ Besser ways of dying” she saw, to accompany her with the camera in the last year of her life. The film shows how Antonia learns to accept her fate without being bitter. A moving portrait about a woman dying with dignity and also a film about love.

DirectorMarianne Pletscher
ScriptMarianne Pletscher
PhotographyWerner Schneider
SoundPeter Conrad, Peter Greub
EditingPamela Myson
Duration57 min.
ProductionSchweizer Fernsehen DRS
World RightsInfo: Marianne Pletscher
Distribution Switzerland
and international
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