Chronik eines Quartiers im Umbruch

Sister Liliane Full of Care

A life for human dignity

[original title:  Leiden schafft Pflege]

Switzerland 2013, video, colour, 30 min.

Leiden schafft Pflege Leiden schafft Pflege 

Sr. Liliane Juchli will be 80 on october 19 2013. This ist the reason for the making of this film which should have been shot long ago. Sr. Liliane is a myth and idol for thousends of nurses in several countries. She wrote the first textbook for nursing during the sixties and it has been published more than a million times in several languages until now. Generations of nurses have studied with it. The film follows the active und charismatic nun that belongs to the religios Order oft the Ingenbohl sisters in Brunnen Switzerland around her many activities. Her personality and enthousiasm help to understand, why she still is a role model for young nurses and why she sees the light-house as her symbol (never let the light go out, or you cannot give warmth tot he sick that depend on you)

DirectorMarianne Pletscher
ScriptMarianne Pletscher
WithSr. Liliane Juchli
PhotographyMichael Spindler;Peter Ramseier
SoundJörg Ziegler
EditingMichael Spindler
Duration30 min.
Shooting formatEX3
Versionsschweizerdeutsch und hochdeutsch
Sales DVD/VideoPraesens-Film, Münchhaldenstr. 10, Postfach 119, 8034 Zürich
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ProductionMarianne Pletscher und Verein Liliane Juchli (Vreni Frei Blatter
World Rightsoffen
Distribution SwitzerlandInfo:
Marianne Pletscher, Hardturmstrasse 301, 8005 Zürich
Tel. +41 044 271 88 83 / +41 79 654 59 14
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ReleaseSchweizer Premiere am 24.1. 2013 um 14.15 am Fachsymposium Gesundheit an der Olma in St.Gallen. die ersten Vorführungen in Deutschland sind geplant in München am 23.3., Berlin am 14.5., Dresden am 24. oder 25. Mai.
TV broadcastsgeplant 24.2. 2013 in Sternstunde Religion
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